Dramatically improve a child's life    by giving them a well trained service dog.

Provide an alert dog that also locates misplaced meds and notifies adults in an emergency.

Provide the service at a minimal cost to avoid the $20,000 cost of commercial animals.

Mr. Jerry Gilland has a long history of service dog training for the physically handicapped. About 5 years ago a friend, and fellow Kiwanian, asked about an alert dog for his highly allergic granddaughter. Jerry took the challenge and the result was so successful our Kiwanis Club decided to take it on as a project.

We have grown slowly, but steadily. We now have successfully graduated 12 dogs with an additional 4 currently in training. Please see our "testimonials "page.

We currently have 6 young families with pups who attend our Academy classes twice per month to learn how to train their pup for their child.

We plan to stay small so we can give individual attention to each of our Academy members.

Our Goal

~Dramatically improve sufferer's life with a well trained “alert” service dog.

~Provide alert dogs that can also, locate misplaced meds and alert adults in emergencies.

~Provide dogs at no cost, avoiding $20,000 commercial costs

The need


Kiwanis International is a worldwide service organization  in 80 nations.

Kiwanis emphasizes youth welfare! 

Over the past 12 years, our club has raised over $150,000 for direct benefit of children's health and safety.

Alert Service Dogs for Kids

"I continue to be amazed at what these dogs can do!"

about Kiwanis

I am a retired aerospace engineer, with many professional accomplishments, including having hardware that I designed on the planet Venus and retiring as Chief Engineer in a major corporation. Yet nothing in my life has given me as much joy and satisfaction as handing an Alert Dog's leash to a needy child!

I want to thank all who have helped me make this possible!


Jerry Gilland

There are numerous “silent disabilities” such as diabetes and extreme allergies in children.

 Their normal lives  are severely constrained  by their need for continuous monitoring and protection.

Parents desire help with protection duties.

Alert Dogs for Diabetic, and Extremely Allergic Kids

Foothills Kiwanis Club,

Boulder, CO

"A hundred Years from now it won't make any difference what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in or the kind of car I drove..... but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child"    ......   Forest E Witcraft

our history

We are expanding

The Grand Junction Kiwanis Club is setting up a sister project, modeled after our "Academy".


​Our project was recently showcased at the Kiwanis International Convention in Toronto. As a result, many clubs have expressed an interest is setting up a sister project. See "Expanding Page".

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A NOTE FROM The project founder