Alert Dogs for Diabetic, and Extremely Allergic Kids

Foothills Kiwanis Club,

Boulder, CO

Alert Service Dogs for Kids



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  We are Growing!(See "Expansion Page) 

   Helping other Clubs set up a "Sister" Project

​    Increased Emphasis on  Fully Trained Allergy Alert Dogs

A two year process for diabetetics 

  • Our Club provides the dog
  • Dog food & basic Vet services are included
  •  Health insurance is provided

 Allergy Alert Dogs Coming Available

Get a fully trained Allergy Alert dog


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Applications for an alert dog for your child are now being accepted.

Click below to print an application form

Support our Efforts!

 You can help!  There are many expenses associated with the raising and training of alert dogs. We are grateful to our sponsors who provide veterinary services and dog food. However, we purchase the dogs for our families from a small breeder, who breeds for the temperament needed for a service and also for good conformation and longevity. "Your get what you pay for" and our dogs are expensive! We do various local fund raising activities, but must give our priorities to our training activities. Therefore we rely heavily

 on sponsorships. Please help!

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Our Success reflects 15 years of service dog training experience. Being a service club focused on children's welfare insures the commitment of our project staff to the success of every family's dog at minimal cost to the family.

We recognize that every child's situation is unique in some respects. We regret that we cannot serve everyone, so we limit the size of our Academy to a maximum of 10 families to insure that we can customize our training to the special needs of each family.

Your child grows up with the dog ensuring all-important bonding required for reliable alert dog performance

Alert Dog

Training Academy

We Help You

  • Select a pup from our special breeder
  • Develop your alert-dog's obedience and condition recognition skills
  • Customize your alert-dog's alerting signals for your diabetic/allergic child
Train Your own Alert Service dog

 The selected family receives the puppy when it is 8 weeks old. They attend bi-monthly classes to learn to train the puppy to be a successful Alert Dog. Information packets are available which:

  • Describe the process
  • Present the Academy Enrollment Agreement
  • Summarize our Insurance policy
  •  Provide an application form

Click below for a  packet.